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Hello BBB Fans.

So many of you outside of Omaha have fell in love with our biscotti and have emailed me asking how you can purchase them. The wait is over! Finally, I can share my crazy, hazy love of this Italian cookie with the rest of the world!

To get our amazing, flavorful #Undippably Edible, Chocolate Bottomed Biscotti into as many mouths as possible I am offering #FREE SHIPPING on your first order of biscotti. Yes, I said FREE SHIPPING! -but only for today, BLACK FRIDAY..

I'm kicking off our online retail store Today! Black Friday! with# FREE SHIPPING on your 1st order of biscotti. Whether you use the #FREE SHIPPING to gift a friend, Secret Santa a crush or love on you the SHIPPING for your FIRST order is FREE.

You will need a Special Code for that #FREE SHIPPING. It's BFB2019 - Black Friday Biscotti, get it?! Of course you can order all the biscotti your heart desires because the first order includes #FREE SHIPPING but only today - # BLACK FRIDAY.

I will need a little help from you. If you

want your order sent right away do

nothing and it will ship ASAP.

However, if this is to be sent as a

holiday gift please state so in

the Custom Text field.

Once again thank you

and if you have any questions

please email me at


Sophia Jordan

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