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The Spirit of the Season

This holiday season is going to look so different than any we’ve had before. Less travel, fewer people around the table, and perhaps certain traditions aren’t being carried out because the one who led them is gone.

One thing I know is that most of us find comfort in food. During the holidays, especially, there is something about certain foods that spark memories, peace, and a sense of togetherness even if we’re far apart. This is one of the many things I love about what I do. Baking brings a sense of calm, community, and love.

When I create recipes and bake them to perfection, it’s from a place of love for baking, for my family, and for you as you build your own memories around my scones, biscotti, cookies and pies. It’s humbling to think about all of you who have incorporated my baked goods as part of your holiday traditions.

Thank you for including me. I’m still here baking for you and sending you prayers for joy this holiday season.

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