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Biscotti = Love

Holiday greetings to you all! 2020 is almost over and we think it should be sent out with celebration and anticipation for the new year!

Whether you’re gathering at your home with family for the holidays or have a special friend who has been a Godsend during 2020, show them your appreciation with our biscotti gift bags.

While we’ve all weathered the storm that has been the year 2020, I believe we’re coming out of it stronger and more resolute. At Black Bottom Biscotti, we simply want to bring smiles and joy through our delicious baked goods and the love that you can practically taste in everything we do.

This year has been a time for creativity and finding new ways to do pretty much everything. I encourage you to reflect on the ways you adjusted or pivoted and the wonderful surprises that came with that. For the holidays, I’d love to know if you’ve started any new traditions that you just might carry over in years to come.

Thank you for the ways you’ve supported us this year. We’re looking forward to the new year and more love being shared as we bake our way into more hearts.

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