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August Promo Get 3 Free

I am so excited and delighted about our two, yes 2, new biscotti flavors! Why 2 flavors you ask? Because we had 2 young men from the Step-Up Omaha! program with us this summer, Timothy and Keylen. They are actually brothers and having brothers working in such a small space was....I can only describe it adventure! When asked to come up with our August flavor of the month it got competitive real quick. Keylen chose Strawberry Pecan and Timothy chose funfetti sprinkles with miniature M&M's which were named Party M's.

For those of you who may not know Step-Up Omaha! is a collaboration between The Empowerment Network, the City of Omaha and community partners to provide opportunities for youth and young adults to gain valuable job training and work experience during the summer. They recruit, train and place prepared Omaha youth, ages 14-21, in mutually beneficial paid summer jobs and work experience opportunities. Timothy and Keylen were two of those youths were placed with me.

But the funny story about that is they thought they

would be working for a donut and cookie bakery. Their plan was to make and eat donuts and cookies all day. Imagine their surprise when they found no donuts here. However, they quickly grasped how to make biscotti and enjoyed eating it. So much so that they came up with the August Biscotti of the Month!

Being brothers, competition quickly ensued-whose biscotti would sell the most. Personally, I think they are so different they may appeal to the different biscotti lovers in all of us. The Party M's will appeal to the kid in us or when we want something chocolatey and sweet. The toasted pecans with real strawberries makes the Strawberry Pecan closer to being a traditional biscotti for the adult in us. Both are delicioso and would be good whether crunched or dipped.

Which Biscotti Do You Choose?

  • Party M's

  • Strawberry Pecan

Hard to choose which one you want? Well, this month we've made it easier to try both. When you buy any12 biscotti flavors you get 3 Free. Just enter PROMO CODE: B12G3. Then let us know which one is your favorite by participating in our poll, Which Biscotti Do You Choose? But hurry. These biscotti are only here for the month of August.

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