Almond Scones 3ct - $8.75
Rich almond flavor with sliced almonds thrown in makes this scone absolutely delicious. A sweet glaze is lightly drizzled on top for just the right touch of added sweetness. Enjoy with your morning Latte or Espresso while thinking of all you have to be thankful for. Or in the afternoon plop a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on that puppy, drizzle with chocolate like it's calorie free and watch all the haters as they walk by....envious!
Triple Chocolate 3ct - $8.75
Our chocolate scones are loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips and then drizzled with more chocolate for a triple chocolate experience. These will satisfy the chocolate cravings in you. Great with coffee, cocoa or just plain milk-like who drinks that anymore?!
Lemon Blueberry 3ct - $8.75
Pucker up buttercup! I held back on the lemon drizzle because the scone  itself is lemonyblueberry (its a real word) Full of lemon flavor and plump dried blueberries it's perfect with your favorite herbal tea or that blended fruity drink you think is so healthy;)
Lemon Poppyseed 3ct - $8.75
Did you know poppy seeds are known to, decrease anxiety, relieve exhaustion and aid in a good night’s sleep? Am I saying that one of my delicious Lemon Poppyseed scones in the morning could help decrease anxiety, relieve afternoon drogginess or at night could rock you to sleep like a little baby ....NO! that's silly, right?! But these light, lemony poppyseed scones that are crowned with a lemon drizzle can be enjoyed morning, noon and night!
Orange Cranberry 3ct - $8.75
Our scones are freshly baked when you order. Loaded with plump, dried cranberries and infused with orange flavor we lightly drizzle an orange glaze on top to give them just the right amount of sweetness. Pair them with your favorite hot cup of Java for an energizing start to your day.  Or for a  relaxing afternoon break with a cup of Orange Spice tea.

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