Pucker up buttercup! I held back on the lemon drizzle because the scone  itself is lemonyblueberry (its a real word) Full of lemon flavor and plump dried blueberries it's perfect with your favorite herbal tea or that blended fruity drink you think is so healthy. 3 count

Lemon Blueberry Scones 3ct

  • Our Scones are baked freshed so please leave a 30min wait time. Currently, we do not ship our scones.  They are available for local pick and delivery only. 

    Ingredients; Flour, sugar, butter, milk, lemon juice, eggs, dried sweetened blueberries, lemon extract, lemon peel. 

    Shelf life:  2-3 days after which they start to not taste good! Freeze (up to 30days) or refrigerate 5-7 days.

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