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Biscotti is, traditionally, an Italian cookie.

Its uniqueness is that is baked, not once, but twice, giving it a beautiful dry crunch. 

Biscotti is a cookie made for dipping, and it is a perfect compliment to that early morning coffee or evening glass of wine - even a midday cup of tea! Our Biscotti has a freshness that makes it undippably edible, which distinctly sets it apart from certain brands that make biscotti impossible to enjoy without an added drink.

Each batch is loaded with yummy ingredients before it is rolled and baked, then cut before second baked to perfection. Then each delectable piece of biscotti is hand-dipped into white or dark chocolate. 


                  Our Biscotti come in a wonderful variety of flavors.


Cherry Rosemary

Chocolate Almond

Chocolate Pistachio


Cranberry Pistachio

Espresso Chip


Lemon Blueberry